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Happy happy happy that's me it's the best I can be.

Ok, serious note, my company car people are accepting back the 3008 hybrid4. They'll take it up with Peugeot.

A total non stop horrendous nightmare from delivery until now over 10 months. 3 of those months with it in the dealership, once for nearly 2 months (still didnt fix the 2 issues) and probably 6 or more times in total. A half baked solution to the water ingress issue which defied logic and reason (even contradicting themselves) and a replacement charger unit suggestion for all the PHEV issues (3 in total) which also made no sense even if they did have the part in stock (which they don't for a while). Much of that time with no courtesy car from Peugeot because they don't have any spare for a month or months. Convenient.

Shame as it was the only car that completely met my requirements.

I've driven over 1000 miles in 2 weeks in the loaner car (a Mokka) which has been a substantially more reliable and a less worrisome car. It even has a better more responsive info screen at higher resolution. All part of the same mothership of course. That wasn't a loaner from Peugeot by the way. Came from my company car folks. I've driven less than 1000 miles in the 3008 in 10 months so that comparison says it all. Because it has been in the dealership or stuck on the drive with problems.

This isn't a matter of ending up with an unlucky lemon. I believe the car has flaws and problems just waiting for an opportunity to manifest. Like being parked facing down a slope in heavy rain. I wish you all the best of luck for those with the hybrid. The issue is also Peugeot. The 2 dealerships I've been with but also head office. My company people themselves experienced Peugeot's, denials, incompetence and uncooperative nature.

Off to get a Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge or XC60 Twin Engine or similar. Put this horror and 10 months of stress and lack of mobility behind us.

Thanks for everyone's support on this forum. You've been absolutely brilliant. I'll miss you all. You've been the only good thing in this douche bag experience with Peugeot. An end to their "carbage". Thank God.

It's good night from me, and it's goodnight from him.


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