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There's a problem with the included (and expired) certificates, you have to wait that PSA/Stellantis/Continental fix it.

I've tried to reinstall this version and I also get the "incompatible hardware" error and I'm using the same key/data from a year ago, when it was successfully installed. In the car logs there's many errors related to expired certificates:

[PKIM][CertificateMgr] pkim_ctmVerifyCertificate_check The certificate: CN=Continental / NAC / 1 is NOT valid!
[PKIM][CertificateMgr] pkim_ctmVerifyCertificate_check Error at depth: certificate has expired
SWL:PDXT_S: dlsGetCodeSigningCertAndCA No (more) entries available! CS CA Certificate not found!
SwlProdValidateMedia Media Header validation failed!
SWL: dlmultiarchValidateFw No valid updates found!
SWL:SRV: dlsValidateSource Not a valid SWL source!
Would this certificate issue also affect the version one before the latest? I haven't tried updating to that version.
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