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Just wondered if any of you experts could help with this?
2013 pug 508 SW 2.0 Blue HDI
Had orange engine light come on the other day with the service light, read code and it said P16df contact manufacture or something like that, done a full scan and didnt reveal any thing apart from front driving light.. so wiped code all good for a few days then came back on again, so took it somewhere to get read again and it read "duel mass resonance," think the code was p16do, checked knock sensor seems ok, wiped code engine light and service light came on about 100m down road!!!
another strange thing about this is when service light comes on seems like sluggish not pulling right, if just engine light seems to drive ok,
clutch not slipping no strange noises from clutch.
If anyone could point me in right direction or have heard of this fault before be most greatful

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