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Hi all, This is my first time posting as I have only just joined today.

So last Tuesday I bought my first car, a 2010 Peugeot 207 Millesim 1.4 HDI.
It has 83K on the clock and I am quite concerned as when it idles especially when it's cold there sounds as if a belt is squeaking. It's not that loud but i'm guessing it will only get worse.
I've read on other threads on here that it is the timing belt. Sometimes they get dirt, water or rust on them. Obviously I can't afford to leave it and then in a few months have the timing belt snap because then I'll need a new engine.

It's going into the garage I bought it from tomorrow to have 2 oil leaks looked at and fixed. Also having a new battery.
As it's going into the garage am I best to have it checked?
But if I do need a new timing belt i might as well have a new water pump too.

Should it be covered under the 3 month warranty because I've only owned the car a week and it's squeaking.
In fact when I went to see the car it was idling for 10 minutes and I asked about the slight squeak and they said it's normal for a Diesel. I knew it wasn't but I just agreed as I just loved the car and thought it may go off after it's been driven a bit.
But nope it's still there. What should I do?

Thanks in advance! :confused:

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Try taking off the Aux belt and see if the noise goes, also worth checking the belts not worn and its not bottomed out on the grooves as that can generate a squeak
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