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All of a sudden this warning symbol lit up on my Peugeot 205 CJ (1989). It is very similar to the break light and/or parking break light symbol, but I simply cannot find out exactly what it means even after hours of googling.

I'll attach a photo to this post, but I will also describe it in short:

The symbol looks like the parking light symbol (circle in the middle with two brackets on each side) - however, the two brackets are more like dotted lines on each side of the circle (made up of three small dots/lines each).

The light is not constant, but rather it flashes slightly as it becomes more and more constant over time (at least that's my perception at this time).

Anyone knows what this means?

Thanks a lot in advance - all help MUCH appreciated!



As always, immediately when I posted this I found confirmaion of what I expected: break pad notice.

My break pads are fairly new though, might it be the cable on the front left wheel that's loose? Is this a common phenomenon that the 205s warn without reason?


Fixed it! The cable was loose.

Sorry to bother, will leave the post here for anyone else with the same problem (if as stupid as me).


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