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I have had serious issues with my 407 V6 executive -04.
Starting problems, no life from starter...i changed starter with solenoid 2 years ago but the starting issue keep coming back... i am now figuring to replace the under bonnet fusebox that has some built in circuits...
The manufacturing no. of mine is: 9656086180
Apparently this model of fusebox was only used 2004-2005. Then the model changed but all connections look alike except some smaller pins are abscent on the very newest models.
Did anyone replace this fusebox with a newer model?
I can find second hand ones from 2012-2014 which most probably are better units than my original one from 2004.
I did also find out that this unit comes the same for many different models, i.e man 1.6HDI, 2.2L, my 3.0 V6 auto and others.
So it has nothing to do with engine/gearbox.
Do you think I can replace my unit with a newer one that all existing connections fit on?
The configuration of fuses ate somewhat different though...

Sorry for a long text...
Sunny cheers from Sweden


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I bought a second hand fusebox/ control unit for a bloody rip-off price and fitted start!!! 馃ぎ馃槬馃槨
Then i removed the starter and tested it....kaput!
A small hit on the solenoid and working...
However, i dont trust that valeo starter i bought new a couple of years ago so now i ordered the third starter....
Somebody said the 3.0 wouldn鈥檛 eat starters. Mine does!

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3 litres do not eat starters if your having issues its either being overheated due to lack of heatshield or the wiring is your real issue.

As for the fusebox all are interchangeable regardless of number there is a 2 digit code on them and this is what really tells you the spec not the part number basically a high spec car needs a high spec fusebox for the xenons turning lights foglights etc lower spec cars dont need all these bits so fusebox is lower spec

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Thanks for reply,
Well I do have the heatshield that is bolted with 2 m6 bolts onto the starter. When i had the second hand fusebox installed the power windows did not work so i changed back to my stock one.
I checked there was +12v on the No.2 blue lead on the connection going to solenoid on both of them. (When turning key).
The starter i now took out (valeo) has been used less than 20.000km so it really seem it was crap quality but now the cars third starter is on its way...
Can a mediocre battery wear out the starter? Maybe i should replace the battery as well...the car cranked a bit soggy before the starter died on me...
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