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Peugeot included the RCA aux socket in my car, but as it clearly wasn't an option specified they didn't actually clip it through to the glovebox. A little bit of wiggling later and I have a full AUX video/audio socket in the glovebox!

I'm not promising this happened generally - mine is a 2006 SW SE

Long version:
I had the passenger footwell trim off today in order to check out my brake switch for cruise control retrofit when I spied this little box hiding in a dashboard void.

Now in the glovebox there was a little piece of plastic blanking off where the socket should go so I pulled this out (takes a bit of force but just snaps out)

With a bit of fiddling about sticking my hand up from underneath and through the hole in the side of the glovebox I managed to pull the socket through. It's a bit fiddly to get it round the various looms which run through that way but it is possible (maybe recruit someone with small hands!)

Mine worked out of the box for video & audio if you choose the separate Video input in the RT3 menu. AUX input for the radio doesn't work out of the box as I suspect it needs enabling in PP/RT3 settings. I'll update this thread when I've checked!

EDIT: Update! Enabling the AUX in was as simple as going to Menu > Configuration > Display Configuration > Sound > Active AUX input in the RT3. Good luck!

I don't know what this option would have cost when the car was new - but it's a nice free upgrade!
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