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I have a 307 diesel only a few months old, the car drove like a gem from day one, at least four days after driving I noticed and felt an abnormal movement under my feet like a flat tyre or a loose suspension bolt or arm. I have raised it with Psa to no avail, Pirelli have tested the tyres and have passed the buck. Does anyone have a similar issue with their factory fitted pirelli. The problem is more noticeable under my left foot, is this normal, if so then psa have a lot to answer for. I have never had a car like this before, I took it to an indepedant tyre place and he agreed with the dealer, the tyres have scolloped, all four, are pirelli crap tyres or is the suspension at fault. So far psa have agreed to completely replace the tyres, but I'm still not convinced on the magnitude of this issue.

If it was a defective suspension then why after four days did the issue start.
Any similar issues or clues as to the cause are valued !!!!! My old car was a Hyundai, and HMC have told me it could even be a small stone caught in the brakes at front causing this issue, not sure which angle i should take.
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