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Hi all.

It feels rude launching in with a first help question, but I have two issues with my new (to me) 406 that may or may not be a big deal.
The car itself is a 2002 406 HDI 2.0L auto with 138K on the clock. It came with an almost-full service history, and appears to have been very well looked after over the years. I bought it about 3 weeks ago.

1) The other night, after being stationary in the car for a while during which time it was idling, once moving, I began to hear 'blowing' noise that I would have assumed was the heater blower motor, except that it made no difference if I turned the fan on or off.

What I would describe it as, is the sound of the fan on a VW when you shut the car off after a long drive, and it keeps going for a few seconds to cool down.

In any case, the sound continued until I got to a red light, turned off the ignition, then restarted. Once I restarted, I drove home the rest of the way with no issues.

Finally, today, it happened again - only this time to Mrs Odysseus.

2) I haven't driven an autobox for more than a decade, and so it could be that I am just not used to this, but...

the car seems to struggle to select a gear when I have been driving at motorway speed, then slowed down as the carriage way ends.

I don't know how to explain it, except to say that it is sluggish to change gears, and then sometimes seems to be in too high a gear to really get going.

I am wondering if it is anything to be concerned about, or if it is just the way this particular transmission feels.

Anything you might have to offer will be greatly appreciated, although the first problem is the one that concerns me the most.

Thanks in advance.
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