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I will be installing a turbocharger on my 1999 V6 manual 406 a bit later this year.

To get really good HP out of it I need to fit lower compression pistons.

The standard pistons are 87mm bore and 22mm gudgeon pin.

As it happens Nissan VG30DETT pistons are exactly what I want and are an off the shelf forged item!

BUT - the one thing I don't know is the compression height of the standard Peugeot pistons. Distance from the centre of the gudgeon pin to the top of the deck of the piston.

Does anyone know this measurement?

Or have you got an old piston from a V6 that you can measure for me or even send to me (I'll pay postage).

The ES9J4 (D8) and ES9J4S (D9) pistons are the same except for a higher dome. So measuring either for Compression Height will do!

Thanks in advance for any help.
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