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Hi everyone.

Bit of a situation to expain so I'm sorry for the wordyness of this post. So basically I changed the engine on my girlfriends 308 about 6 months ago, due to a catastrophic turbo failure. This was my first major project so went for a second hand complete engine. It's a 1.6 HDI 110 HZ engine code. So after the engine change we had a few teething issues including reseating the injectors, new altenator, and an exhaust leak which is now mostly sorted (explain more later). The engine had run very smoothly for the first month or two after the issues were sorted. The second hand engine had a turbo on it already which I did a quick assesment of and looked good (no movement in shaft). So 6 months on. And the car has done 6,000 miles. But now the turbo is screaming with a loud constant whistle though from idle to full spool. The turbo is also leaking a small amount of exhaust gases which aren't visible but I can smell it a bit and there's some sute just above the turbo on the intake pipe and engine top cover.

So my questions are : Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Is it new turbo time?
If so am I looking at £500+ or do I buy an eBay £150 job as she doesn't run it hard?
Or am I worried about an easy fix. Which with my experience is never the case with turbos?

Cheers everybody. Hope someone can help me and any help would be greatly appreciated
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