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Can anybody tell me how much should be the turbo pressure for this car? I had some temporary errors regarding turbo on diagnostic. Engine is 1.6, 80kw. One mechanic told me that pressure should go up to 2 bar on max rev, but he measured only 0.8. Other mechanic, where I usually go says turbo is fine, but I forgot to ask how much was the pressure and what's normal pressure that he knows. I recently bought this car, never had diesel Peugeot, to me car goes pretty fine, but I don't know if it's going as strong as it should.

In AutoData there is info that turbo pressure for 1.6, 66kw should be 0.6 bar @ 4000rpm (no info for 80kw), but old model in AutoData, 2.0 HDI shows 1 bar @ 3000rpm, which is considerable higher.

So, does new engine does not require such high pressure? How should the car behave with low turbo pressure? And how much should be turbo pressure at high rpm?

Thanks in advance.
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