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Have a 2007 207ccc with the petrol 1.6 turbo engine. I had a burnt oil smell in the car and took a look and thought at first it would be enough to tighten the upper bolt a little. Instead the leaking became more, loosened the bolt completely and noticed that the connector on the pipe is all loose!? I can't pull the connector off the pipe but can turn it freely around. Also I can move the pipe a centimeter or 2 in all directions which makes me believe that I have the same problem where it is connected to the engine!?

Here is a vid:

Former owner had a factory warrenty in 2012 where they changed the camchain and tensioner, do they take the turbo off the car or to do the job? If yes I think they may have been careless and bent the pipe when dissambeling and assembeling and that is what made it leak. The car has only done 17000km since.

How much work is it? Is it radiator, condensor ect off to be able to get the turbo out so I can get to the connetion on the engine?

Gratefull for any help!:)
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