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Hi all,
Had a 308 1.6hdi sport since April last year, noticed over the last 4-5 months soot appearing round the top/side of the turbo casing, visited the dealer for a routine service and asked the question and had them look at it, they were non-commital as regards to a problem and they tightened a clamp where they thought the leak was. This didn't solve it and once again had it looked at by the dealer, also explaining that if I rev the engine with the bonnet up, you can see soot blow from the turbo into the air. they had it back and had another look, after a month the soot is settling on more and more of the engine. It bothers me, should I be worried? Peugoet warranty runs out soon so would like to know if i'm heading towards problems.

BTW the car pulls well.

Any thoughts? thanks in advance
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