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Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the helpful advice in the past! I have a question. My recently acquired 308 has been giving me strife. I live in New Zealand and our local prices are bloody outrageous, and the local dealer is a complete plonker. I dont profess to be an expert on cars, but I am looking to replace a hose which I believe is the turbo intake, running from the turbo to the air cleaner, highlighted in yellow here as per attachment.

My 308 is the 1.6 petrol turbo, I am unclear as to what the European equivalent model is but the chassis number is VF34C5FVAAS186872 if it helps.

Can anyone advise me if I have the part named correctly?
Does anyone know the proper part number?
Does anyone know a place where I can buy a replacement part (who will ship to New Zealand?).
Is this part interchangeable with the diesel equivalent as this is all I seem to be able to find online?

Are there any things to watch out for when replacing this hose, or is it as simple as it looks? Ie. a few hose clamps. The original has broken into pieces where it connects to the turbo...

Thanks for reading this lengthy first post!


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