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Hi all, been a member on hear for years trolling for information this is my first post I believe.

I have a Peugeot 3008 BlueHDI150 2010.

One of the injectors broke a clamp and filled the intake with crap as I did not notice any problem, must have been running rough and pumping carbon into the intake for months, had the depolution fault lit but I ignored it, finallycaused enough damage that the fuel return pipe burst causing 'real issues'. I stripped it, repaired the injectors and a host of other problems found by reading the codes. I am left with two issues and would like some advice if you please.

VIN: VF30URHE8AS168058

The turbo is not active untill ~2400rpm then the car becomes as active as you would expect. codes related to this are:
P1497 Variable resistance turbo charger.
P2562 Variable resistance turbo charger.

And when the car is started the vacuum bypass on the egr is activated and it flags:
P14A3 EGR exchanger bypass - confirmed jammed open (hot side)
If I pull the vacuum pipe it changes to jammed shut:) WTF is that about?

I expect that the turbo issue is the actuator, is this electronic or mechanical? can it be fixed or is new required? This is something that was going wrong for a while, just has now decided it's had enough, as for some time the car would randomly go into a limp mode and cruise control would not work then it would randomly sort itself out.

The EGR just seems totally ranhdom.

Hope someone can shed some light for me Thanks in advance -

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