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Having issues with tappet noise right now as mentioned on the 307 forum. Most say its common but not something I want to live with.

If I go down the route of rebuilding the top end what improvements could I make?

First of all would be hydraulic tappet quality. I have rebuilt an alfa with lightweight INA tappets and new cams. That worked a treat. Worked brilliantly, fast, silent and never bled down. Hot weather 40 degrees, cold below freezing, all kinds of traffic conditions. Performed faultlessly.
Even after sitting for a month the car started up instantly with no noise with a variety of oils.

That is what I want for my PUG's top end!

If I go the cams route maybe a slightly different profile on the cams?
Or just standard?

Another option down the road (personal project) would be to buy a used engine and rebuild it with new pistons, higher compression etc.
I spent many years following Guy Crofts work and aspire to even attempt something remotely close to his work.
But how does it work with the VOSA records/Tax/Insurance etc when replacing engines with modded ones?

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