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I have a forum link saved to my address bar on my PC and I was having trouble logging in to the main forum page 308 (2014+) as it wasn't saving my log-in details and was giving me an 'invalid' message when I entered my user name and password.

If I clicked 'previous page', or went to a different forum and then back, it was then showing I was logged in. Strange.

I decided to remove the saved link from my address bar and replace it with a fresh link after I had been able to actually log-in.

Success; all now seems to be working fine and I can click on my saved favourites address bar and it links me straight to the forum page and my log-in details are saved so it is all now back working correctly.

So, if you have noticed a problem clicking on 'favourites' then that simple solution may work for you.

PS:...this message is just for us more elderly members as younger folks will immediately know these things and would have corrected matters in 1 nano-second rather than the 1 week it took me to realise!!:confused:
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