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I've just bought a 407, (after my 206 was in an accident).

with the 206, you could use the wiper stalk button to scroll between menus on the MFD.
(date/distance traveled/average speed/average mpg/instant MPG/distance left in tank)

you'd select to see something and it'd stay on the MFD until you selected to see something else.

the 407 seems to work a little differently, I have 2 displays, one on the console MFD and one on the clocks MFD,
using either the radio controls or the stalk I can cycle between trip 1 or trip 2, (these contain the distance travelled /AVG speed/avg MGP)
and an instants screen showing the instance MPG and the distance left in tank.

these seem to show up on both the radio screen and the clocks MFD.
shortly after they disappear again.

My question is:
is it possible to get the information to stay on the clocks MFD screen, (it's otherwise blank except for millage readings, or cruise control information.) (or warning lights!)

I'd only want it to stay on the clocks MFD, not on the console MFD, (I don't quite understand why stuff that only the driver really wants to know appears on that screen at all.)
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