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Sorry for this very long post, it is a bit of a saga!
I have a 2012 3008 1.6 auto, I had had the car for 10 months before this fault started showing. At first it was a 1 off what seemed like a missfire at motorway speed. A couple of weeks later it stalled as I pulled away at a roundabout. A couple of weeks after it did it intermittently about half a dozen times but not normally until after about 40 minutes of running. When it did this the engine management light came on and then went off again so I took it to a well known chain of garages to have a diagnostic. They found 2 fault codes P0016 for the crank sensor and P2173 for the throttle acuator. They advised to go for the cheaper option of the crank sensor replacement as that may trigger the other fault code anyway. A week after getting it fixed it started doing it again worse than ever multiple times on my drive to work and stopped completely on the way home. Green Flag came out and the crank sensor was showing as the fault code again so I had it towed back to the same garage as they had only just replaced the part. This time they were adamant it was damp getting in the fuse box which is a known fault apparently. They had an electrical specialist strip the fuse box out to dry it out (although apparently there was no sign of damp or perishing in it) and sent me on my way. This time it lasted about 100 miles before it did it again just as bad as before.
What it does is try to cut out so it is like a instantaneous loss and regain of power. It does it at all speeds from crawling to motorway mph. It cuts power enough for the dash lights to flicker like it has been switched off but has only cut out completely at low speeds, under 30mph.
This time I took it to a local one man band who came highly recommended as I had lost all faith in the other place as they said the only answer was a new fuse box for near on 1k and not guaranteeing this would fix it. He bought a second hand fuse box and tried that but it still did it. He went over the whole of the wiring loom but found nothing. It was still intermittently showing the fault. He then got someone else to run a diagnostic on it with a better machine thank his and on the back of this and at the end of options he replaced the crank and cam sensors and it worked perfectly for a week then started doing it again. I know he was a bit stumped if that didn't do the trick so I thought I would try on here.
Has anybody on here got any ideas at all about what it might be?
I did buy it from a dealership whose particular one is a Peugeot specialist, however I refuse to take it back there as it took me nearly 10 months to get the full service history out of them that they sold it as having and miss sold me tyre protection so if their sales department is anything to go by I wouldn't want to go near their service department.
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