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Hi, a few weeks ago I purchased a battered late 2008 407 sw as a short term car. The owner reported all the radio needed to work was an update disk (screen kept requesting one). unfortunately the top of the nav drive is missing (hence i cant give the number) and the ribbon cable between the hdd and cdrom has been cut (I have no idea why). It has the dedicated plug for display, 4 aerial inputs (grey, white, maroon and blue) and a blank 40gb hard drive. Using various cables and bodges i tried to wire in a drive and cdrom to load the software but failed. A USB cdrom connected to the USB port also failed. I dont care about fancy features. Radio, parking sensors and control settings (temp fan speed time etc) is all i care about. The only match i found on ebay is over £500 which is way over the top. What are my options here. If someone can provide images of the hard drive partitions I have drop box space and can dd them to the drive, assuming there is no other system damage.
Thanks in advance
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