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Hi, please help!

I'm looking to replace the the transmission fluid of my semi auto electronic gear box in my 1.6 eco HDI 3008 2012 plate. I've asked my peugeot dealer who wants to charge £80 for 4 litres but they won't let me know the exact spec and oem fluid used without making the purchase first.

I'm also looking to replace the power steering fluid. Through research, I've tracked it down to the Total Fluide DA or Total Fluide LDS. Could somebody please confirm if this is correct?

The owners manual is pretty useless and state that the transmission fluid does not need to be changed as they are "lifetime guaranteed" but what is lifetime? Probably after the warranty is up and by then, the transmission is beyond repair from the effects of dirty fluid. I've searched on the Total website but they couldn't state what the right transmission fluid is for my vehicle, just the power steering fluid.

Thank you for your help in advance!
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