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Morning guys.

finally got round to sorting out all the camping gear yesterday, have added 250kg in the trailer, wondered what the effect on acceleration and handling would be like.

found a lot of rattling from the connection between tow ball and the hitch coupler.

neighbor heard me driving from 300yrds away.

i know theres been a few different tow ball sizes, once fitted and locked on, theres a minuscule amount of play, i figured it was negligible. is it possible the coupler is the wrong size?

i'm toying with the idea of packing the top and sides of the inside of the coupler with those pads you stick on the bottom of chairs to stop them damaging laminate floors. would this "cushioning" pose an issue?


as always, all help is appreciated, even if it comes with a stifled laugh.

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HI..somethings not right either the ball has worn or the hitch has worn,,with a small trailer (-750kgs) all you should get is a squeek if there is no lube on the ball,do not pack out the socket you risk detachment.....the hitch should snap shut and lock in place..
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