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Hi all
Sorry about the beginner questions coming up but here goes...
Car is 2005 206SW 2.0HDi..

Oil light has just come on, checked the oil and its at the minimum required, in the book it says 5W40 oil is to be used to i got 1 L of that,
can i simply just add some oil until it hits the "max" on the dipstick?
would it be ok if the previous owner / mechanic put in 10w40 oil and then mine is mixed with this?
as i think allot of mechanics just put in 10w40..

also the handbrake light now comes on along with a beeping, it doesn't happen often and usually happens after been on a hill!
would that mean the brake fluid needs topped upped also, can i just top up with dot 4 brake fluid until it hits the max?

thanks for your time! :wink:
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