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Hi all,

I previously posted about how my dog ate the rear boot lamp in the back of my Estate so I needed to get some light back there. Luckily I had already ordered some LED light strips (link below) because I was tired of never being able to see anything because the boot light is on one side about six inches up from the floor and useless anyway. The dog removing the boot light altogether gave me the impetus to finally do the job.

The results are fantastic - see the photos. The job is easily done by removing the side panels and loosening one side of the top panel to get to and run the wires. Connect the LED strip to the original boot lamp and the light comes on when the boot is opened. You can even leave the original lamp in place if yours hasn't been eaten by a dog. The LED strips come with a double sided adhesive strip which I just stuck on the the top plastic panel but you could attach it (or them, I'm going to put two in my other 406 Estate) wherever you like.

Here is a link to the lighting strip:


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