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Acemann said:
Anyone know how i can make my car fasterr? I cant buy bigger litre car since insurancee is expensive enough anyway. Anything I can do under the bonnet?
The normally aspirated engine, whilst not the easiest of engines to tune can still benefit from up to 15% more power and torque by careful programming of various engine parameters within the ecu such as its fuel and ignition maps, and in some cases the cam timing can also be tuned within the maps.

In many cases, conventional tuning items such as exhausts, air filters and camshafts need to be optimised for the engine via carefull ECU remaps. Engine remapping will almost always unleash further power from fitment of those type of items on a modern vehicle so always have you car remapping done last.

Your Petrol Non Turbo powered vehicle will benefit from:

More Horsepower.

More Torque.

Improved throttle response.

Smoother power delivery.

Safer overtaking.

bettyswollocks said:

I was right the first time...improve your driving.

I did my IAM Advanced Driving test years ago, and that really does make you a better driver through teaching many new skills...

You think you know it all behind the wheel, but even a few drives with an IAm observer would help you a lot.

The IAM only "charge" around £85 for their "skills for life" package - that includes all tuition plus the final drive exam fee... BARGAIN!


alloydog said:
I was going to say, as you reach the top of a hill, floor the accelerator. Then as you go over the top, push the clutch in. That way, the engine won't slow you down!

:D :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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