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Back in January, a change in family circumstances forced me to sell my much loved 3008 GT.

I replaced it with a nearly new 2.0 Golf GT but I've never really got on with it, nothing you could put your finger on, it just didn't seem like the right car for me and little niggles like the uncomfortable sports seats started to become major annoyances.

So I started looking into the new 208 hoping that it was going to be reasonably priced like the outgoing model, no such luck.

Anyway, the local Pug dealer offered me their ex-demo 308 1.2 130 EAT8 Tech Edition for a very reasonable price and I took it for an extended test drive yesterday and got out of the car grinning from ear to ear. It was like coming home, everything I loved about the 3008 in a slightly smaller, and much cheaper package, don't know how I managed to overlook the 308 for so long.

I was pleasantly surprised at just how eager and refined the little 3 pot engine is and the EAT8 box is very slick, even compared to the dual-clutch setup in the golf. The added bonus is that the Tech Edition has all the cool toys that the 3008 GT had with the exception of keyless entry, and after reading all the horror stories in the press about keyless theft I'm not convinced that that's a negative.

Picking the car up on Sunday, anything I should be aware of for the handover, or any little features that aren't covered by the handbook?
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