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Looking for some advice, for a 57 plate pug 207 sport xs 37.000miles

End of last(Aug) year turbo blew so paid £2k to have new turbo and all parts affected replaced, then had a service in Dec, cost me almost another grand to have all suspension/pads/discs/tyres/plugs etc done(mad I know but loved the car!)

So now onto June and out of the blue the timing chain has gone ??......been to garage and they have basically said....if it is just chain and no damage to pistons and valves not that bad, worse case scenario could cost a lot!! ?

Had a quote off a "specialist engine company" quote £2500 + vat!!!!

Are you kidding me??

Cars not worth that but as spent around 3k on it in the last 10 months I'm wanting to know, is this is a reasonable quote??

If so, fair enough but also am anyone let me know what my car is worth for selling as parts?????

Taking into account money spent on it....done hardly any miles, very good condition!!


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Timing issue can cause real problems, but with 37.000 miles, i dont think its gone beyond repair.

The problem i am seeing is that nobody does a proper diagnose. The only diagnose they know is taking it appart and put the timing tools on them. This is a hour expensive job, and if it turns out to be ok, you are at least a few hundred bucks into a diagnose without a real proper diagnose.

I rather like the Osciloscope approach. Its a 15 minute job, without even taking out a screw. You can see exactly how much degrees of a timing error there is, gives you a keen idea on the shape of the chain, the possible damage to the valves/pistons etc.

I did a mini last month for 2600 euro. That was a head rebuild with gaskets, radiator, pump, clutch etc. At least 1500 euro on parts.
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