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I've got a Y749RJH 306 Meridain 5 door 2001 1.8 petrol beauty.

As we speak I've got kwik fit (I know, I know but they've been good in the past with me) replacing both front shocks and fitting 2 new tyre to get it through it's mot. Paying £117 all in fitted for each shock.

It needs the cam belt changing and he quoted me £295 all in fitted for the job. Too much really! Car can't be worth a great deal more especially with the cost of these shocks I'm having fitted.:mad:

I'm not scared of doing some work on cars and my motorbike but changing the timing belt and getting the tension correct daunts me a little.

So I was wondering if there is anyone on here who might want to earn a bit of cash and do the job for me. I'll help of course and supply plenty of tea.

I'm in bracknell, berkshire. Maybe you know an experienced mobile mechanic who could help me in my area.
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