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Hi all,

Was replacing the gear knob in my 207 today, swapping out the old tatty one that was in it for a nicer (used, but nicer) aluminium one. This was an absolute gigantic pain, especially considering everything online says "just pull it off with the force of a thousand suns."

To me, this is absolute hogwash - I could probably lift the whole car with just the gear knob alone due to how stuck on it is (hypothetically).

If you have a replacement knob, you'll probably notice there's actually some notches on the inside of the "wrist" at the bottom of it. If you look at this picture below of the shaft where the knob rests, you'll notice there's a plastic thingymajig there with a lip on the end (of which I'm presuming those notches I was on about cling onto):

(sachet of McD's sauce there was found under the centre console once the gaiter was pulled up; pretty sure it's not factory-spec so removed that as well)

What I did was use some tools (flathead screwdrivers, whatever thin stuff you can find) to pry the notches a bit. I damaged my old gear knob a bit in the process by poking a hole through it but didn't care because it was trash anyway. After faffing about prying the notches and yanking at the thing it eventually popped off.

Hopefully never have to do it again because this took an hour to do, if anyone else has any better ideas, it would be great to hear them.

PS: If Peugeot could just, you know, make it a SCREW ON/OFF jobby instead that would be very much appreciated.

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