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What might be the cause of this sound? It is a silent ticking sound, that comes from the front of the car; when I'm sitting on the driver seat, it's like it's coming from the dash/engine. It's like gently tapping on a hard surface with a sharp pencil. The frequency is constant, doesn't vary with rpm. I'd say it's around 7-8 Hz. It's not present at higher revs, or with load on engine (or it drowns in the engine sound). I'm not sure if it's always been there; it's possible that I just haven't paid attention to it earlier. I've just had the car for a few weeks. I understood that the injector can make a similar sound, but do they operate at constant frequency, or do they vary according to rpm? Or are there any other components in a car that operate at a constant frequency? It's not the fan.

At this stage it doesn't sound like anything serious at all, but I'd like to make sure it's not an indication of something that could gradually become worse, and possibly cause damage later on.

It's a 1,4 Petrol.
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