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hi to all, i am not an rooky but not a pro at car mechanics but i am stuck with a problem. i no the clutch needs changing, its been slipping for a while.

i got the car from me dad about 6 months ago and well over due a service,(oil,filter, plugs e.g) also the clutch is starting to slip every now and then.

i have ordered the new clutch and will be changing that in few days when it arrives, but my main worry is that i was driving the car tonight and a new noise started. when driving roughly at 30 mph, i can hear a ticking noise, it slows down as i slow down.

but let me explain.......the noise is not there when i have my foot on the power, and when i have the clutch pedal pushed down. but when the clutch pedal is up and my foot is off the power the noise is there. ticks really fast as im driving at 30 and slows as i slow down, as long as i dont have my foot on any pedals. aslo the noise is gone when i come to a stand still, i think any way.

chamging clutch soon so would like advice before i start to do anything if possible.

many thanks for any help recieved.
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