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Slowly getting worse and worse, was really bad trying to tow our caravan two weeks ago, may have just pushed it a bit to much as it would appear that give it any revs now once warmed up she slips when you get the revs from 2-3000rpm, all the signs that the main oil seal from the crank shaft is allowing oil to fowl the clutch.

Had a word with my local independent garage and asked how much to change the flywheel, clutch and seals as I know it is a big job and not really one I could manage on my drive in the cold and wet :nono: was quite happy with the quote of £225 or cash :thumb:

fortunately my wife works for a motor factors and so get a good discount on parts, the Valeo clutch kit came to £133 inc, £12.50 for the crank oil seal, also got the drive shaft seal as well just in case... but she forgot to get the big bit..... the Dual mass flywheel so would expect an extra £200 for that, no point in doing half a job as the car has now done 105k miles now

I know that this is quite a common problem so will update as I go and keep you posted... good or bad:rolleyes:
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