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A big thankyou to these guys for being kind enough to give me adice and sort my E7 problems which started just after i bought the vehicle.

Reliable 406 you were right in regards to the turbo probably not being at fault with no power as this was cured by replacing vacuum pipes on boost sensor. The cab was not always in limp mode even though eml was on as i initially thought, there was just no boost when the turbo should have kicked in. Now boost is back and am running it with V power fuel it flies like a rocket.

E57 58 reg i took your advice and bought the intermotor egr valve which was cheaper than the delphi one with the thought that the egr open circuit fault may not be resolved by fitting the new egr valve and the ecu would need changing. Well its been 3 weeks and touch wood the eml has gone off, however it came back on twice but then cleared the next day upon start up so not too concerned about it but it runs perfect, TOUCH WOOD AGAIN!!, i guess if the ecu was at fault then even with the new egr the eml light wouldnt go off so god knows whats going there, but as long as theres power and it runs ok, who cares.

Other few little issues like judder when setting off, knocking noise when turning either left or right and sttering wheel shaking when braking in neutral but when not in gear i can live with and repair as i go along. Prob new clutch/flywheel, maybe discs but defo pads and whatever the knocking noise is.

Anyways a big Thankyou to reliable406, e7 58 reg and matt a kind member of the forum who plugged it into pp for me to diagnose locally.
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