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Huge thanks so far to all who've contributed to my questions about my 307!

Been in the garage today and on Planet, pulled up a few issues which I'm getting sorted out at the end of the month. Hoping with the following it'll be as good as new:

Timing Belt & all the things that go with it
Fuel Filter
ABS Sensor (as this came up on PP)
Rear Bearings
2 Rear Tyres
Fix the Rear Washer (Pipe broken :mad:)

Then it's MOT time a week WILL pass!

Thanks agains folks, I am really appreciative of all your help thus far and look forward to contributing a bit more

NB I know it sounds like a lot of work on a newly purchased car, it is, however it was cheap and most importantly for me, I intend running until it dies and can't be fixed, I don't intend selling it!
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