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Hi Sorry, I'm a newbie here so am unsure if I need to an intro message!

I've looked in the 'how to do' section and also googled this but nothing other how to replace tail gate struts, I wish it was that simple!

The tailgate hinge on my 307 has basically sheared off. I've managed to find a replacement on Ebay, all good so far.

However, on looking at replacement hinge and the faulty one that's still sitting in the mounting it appears that the fitting that goes into the body of the roof has no outside way of detaching? There is no bolt-head or screw thread facing outward, so does anyone know how this is gotten to and how it attaches? I'm assuming it's the dreaded headliner off scenario, but i'd really like someone to confirm this before I book another day into going through this (again).

Even if someone could point me to a site that has these instructions I would really appreciate it (even the Haynes manual doesn't have these instructions, i've tried 3 different one's online)

Thanks in advance, Dazzer
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