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I thought I'd share this given the number of posts there are about suspension knocks and noises.....

Everything I've done recently has improved the car, but after a few week I still noticed a knocking noise at times.

Recently, I done the following:

ball joints
control arms
ARB bushes
drop links
greased the ARB bush retaining plates where they hook onto the sub-frame (not on the bushes)

When doing the ball joints, I checked to action of the top mounts which seemed okay and moved freely without any roughness, so I decided to relook at the drop links wondering if I had fitted a dodgy one a few weeks ago. I noticed that the hole through the ARB looked slightly warn, ovalised and slight deformed (thicker like the edge of the hole has been hammered) giving rise to a bit of play when it should be it looks like the bars can wear.

I've ordered a new one and will check the fit of the drop links before fitting to make sure there is a nice snug fit
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