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My Megane 1.5 dci is due it's oil change soon, so I thought I'd do it myself, the weather was nice, SWMBO was doing my head in, no better time to do it than this weekend.

I got out my 8mm sump plug key/socket, and the bloody thing just cams out.

Having a closer look, the plug was rounded out to the point where nothing works to get the plug out.

I reckon the plug has been over tightened in the past, and the last guy/garage neanderthal working on the oil change has somehow destroyed the plug. It's not going anywhere.

I attempted a T55 torx socket driven into into the plug, but the plug just gets more chewed up.

Next thought was to chisel a notch in the plug and use a drift to work it round. But owing to the limited clearance under the car, this wasn't an option.

Yesterday, I rummaged through the gash box at work, found a 13mm bolt, stud sat in the hole, head sat against the plug. Welded onto the plug, the weld failed and the head just sheered straight off. Too much torque for 13mm.

Ground the bolt head back down to the plug, had a 19mm bolt and nut, span the nut down to the bolt head, there was just enough metal on the plug showing to get a weld on, 1 turn of my 3/8" ratchet and it came off nice and easy.

Either the garage gorilla over-torqued the plug, or the plug was made of cheese.


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Proper job...I know of 'fully skilled mechanics' that would be lost if the dealer issue tool doesnt work....good work...nice to see someone adaptable..:thumb:
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