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307 HDi manual.

With the car switched off, I can select the gears without any problem, they drop in as usual - except that I cannot hear the selection being made in the gearbox in 1st or 2nd. 3RD / 4TH / 5TH /Reverse give a satisfying sound of compliance.
With the engine running, I cannot select any gears at all - unless I 'force them' in.
The baffling part is, I was driving the vehicle when this problem arose. I went through all the gears to go to the top of the grove without any trouble..went to drop into reverse - nothing. Tried first / second / reverse/ ...wouldn't go into gear. Thats how sudden it happened.
I don't think it is a clutch problem but any ideas on what could cause such failure so suddenly would be very much appreciated.

UPDATE : Having spoken to a 'mechanic' at my local garage, I have been informed that it is a possible clutch / DMF problem - no sh** Sherlock !!. I've counted all the fluff in my pocket but am still a coupla pence short of the £800 quote..
I haven't given a yes or no yet regarding carrying out the work...I wanted to air it in here first to get some idea of right , wrong, or taking the proverbial...or would ' ' self supplying ' the parts and asking for a 'fitting' price only be a better option ?

Please advise...
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