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Hi I’m new on here so hope I’m posting this in the correct place.
My wife recently bought a 2007 307cc.. after a couple of weeks it started having a strange fault with the drivers window, it would go up and down on its own about 1” while driving along but would always work from the button. 3 days ago loads of smoke and clicking noises from the door and the motor/control box had completely burnt out and melted but absolutely no damage to the wiring loom that I could see. I ordered a new motor after checking the regulator still functioned correctly and fitted it and to my amazement it only worked 1” at a time but did eventually go all the way up and down. So here is the strange bit.. I thought it might just need resetting for one touch so quickly checked the passenger side worked correctly and to my amazement the drivers window motor worked from both front buttons on the drivers door switch panel. The passenger side works fine from its own button but not at all from drivers side.
So now I have a drivers window that goes up and down from either front button about 1” at a time....
any ideas? BSI reset done and no different. BSI damage maybe?
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