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I have a Peugeot 308, 2012, 1.6HDi. 80k miles.

At 2000rpm, I can feel a vibration, no real lose of power, or EML lights, as the engine speed gets fast, say at 80 in 5th, it's a definite wobble somewhere. 1st-3rd don't really feel anything 4th and 5th are where u can feel it most. Again around 2k+. Gear changes are fine, even if raced a little. Can't feel anything through the clutch pedal, no wobbles or knocks at idle, and nothing if you just rev it statically.

Been to Portsmouth and back today (approx 300 round trip), and it doesn't sound right now, cant really put my finger on how it sounds, like a dry bearing is probably a good discription.

My suspicions could be dieing injector, as no 3 does seem a little wet round it, but nothing major, can't smell anything either.

Do you have any other ideas at all?
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