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Hi ok this may apply to other models to but on my 2.0hdi partner van i have just changed the anti roll bar bushes (pig of a job), following the Peugeot service book i did all as instructed . Lowering sub frame to remove the bar etc slackening of and removing bolts where said. Got the gap on the sub frame to 65mm and wedging as said . Ok bar out bushes off new febi ones replaced lined up with groves in bar etc. Back in rechecking myself all the time as i had all day to do this . Bit of a bugger to get bush clamps over new bushes but paintence worked . All parts replaced and bolts back in . Wheels on , lowered van to ground then to my horror steering wheel was so stiff to turn (even with engine running with power steering) . Bordering on dangerous to drive. Off to tracking specialist i always use up on hoist they were scracthing their heads to could solve it so its now back in my court. After a lot of searching on the net very very little next to no info. Two things i have in my mind is , could i have put the anti roll bar back upside down or something? unlikely as on the hoist we undone the arb links and it was still the same very stiff. Or i didn't undo and release the steering coloum u/j at the steering rack which i admit i forgot, and it has bent or missalingned due to lowering the rear sub frame?
bit of a story but i do a lot of work on my own van and this is one i need help on . May be aimed at someone who has had this area apart before on a 2004 Partner van .
Any ideas or experince desperately needed.
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