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Hello guys!

I just bought a 308, model year: 2007, engine: 1.6 vti (120 hp). It has around 200 000 km in it.
I have a few problems with it, which you might be able to answer or help me. Here they are:

1. If the car is stopped for half an hour or more, the brake is really hard to push in, if I start the car it goes back to the normal state, and there is no sign of harness while I am driving it.

2. At the first start of the morning, or after a longer stop, when I start the car, the rev drops down and the car breaks down, but if I start it again it starts normal and the rev is around 950-1000. And there is another way when it doesn't break down but the rev goes up to around 1200 and stays there for like 100 meters then goes back to normal.

3. There are strange noises in the engine, the mechanic removed the "belt" (the one on the left side of the engine if you stand in front of it), but the noise is still there. And the other one the "knocking" sound sounds like it's coming from the first tyre at the passenger side.Here is the video:

Please if you have any idea about these things please let me know!
Thank you
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