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Had a chap come to me to program his VIN cod eothis stereo. He had an aftermarket one and he had bought a second hand one from scrappy. It is an RD4 radio and when he turned it on, he couldn't get any radio stations but when he played CD, it was giving him the beep.

So I programmed the VIN to his head unit and that got rid of the beeping. But he still couldn't get any radio stations.

Check the settings and it is registered for Western Europe and all the settings seemed fine. When I went to Antenna test, it was coming back as 0 for the signal strength. The aerial seems to be in properly and the old radio apparently worked fine, so the cabling from Antenna to the radio should be ok.

The strange things was the when i scanned his car, for Radio ECU it came back with ECU not recognized. But it was allowing me to go to the radio and program it!

Is this a problem with the radio? I am going to change the VIN code on my stereo and see if it does the same .

The other thing he had which I tried to programe was a Auxiliary Input Audio cable with a 3.5mm jack.

I did one for another 207 a little while ago and that one was slightly different as that was a bluetooth unit which plugged into the CD changer. But this one was a auxuliary jack. I know the RD4 doesn't have auxiliary input , so tried to do the same as the other one and enabled CD changer, but that didn't work.

Is this a wrong cable for this type of radio as you don't have a auxiliary port?

The cable he had was similar to this:

The the other cable i have fitted previously was similar to this:

Any thoughts?

I felt bad cos I wanted to get him running, but everything I tried didn't work!
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