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Hi guys I hope you may be able to help me , here is the story and issue.

Recently my Peugeot 206 1.4 petrol automatic has started to make a strange metallic noise when the car first moves off and then as I come off throttle , not during braking but slowing down and it tends to stop after a couple of minutes once warmed up and also I notice if its wet its not as bad.

I have recently had the cat replaced of the front manifold and it started a week or so after this but the noise is hard to place and almost seems to come from the middle to rear of the car.

It sounds like a ratchet ,metallic rattle, not very loud but when you select a gear it makes the noise and when you slow it also makes the noise.

The gearbox seems to be smooth as ever and there are no hot burning smells.

The car also passed the MOT 2 weeks ago without any issue or mention.

Very baffled any ideas , thanks in advance.
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