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Strange behavior of remote folding key

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My car is Peugeot 508 (2011) 1.6THP with original RT6 head unit. I don't have a start and stop system. I only have the remote folding key which allow me to lock and unlock the car via remote key.

Recently, I am experiencing a weird situation after installing an aftermarket android head unit. The lock and unlock function of the remote key is still functioning. But, not every time. If I don't do anything with the car for 2-5 min (such as do not open and close the door, do not touch any electronic devices and so on), I cannot lock / unlock the car with the remote key.

Let me describe the situation with some examples. When I got the car in the morning I cannot unlock the car with the remote key. I should use the physical key to operate the central locking system, then I can unlock the car. Once I unlock/lock the car with physical key, I can lock and unlock with the remote key again (all the functions of the remote key perfectly works). After use of the car, I can lock the car with the remote key without any issue. But, if I come back to car about 2-5 min later, the remote key doesn't work and I should use physical key again.

I think that electric signal/connection to central locking system has been cut while the engine is off (or acc is off). Once I do something with the car (e.g. unlocking with key, or turning the key to ACC position, etc.), the central locking system gets juice and work again.

So, I reverted the aftermarket android head unit to the original RT6 head unit to test if everything is okay with original system. In this case, everything was normal. But, once I have the android head unit. I always have this annoying issue again. I originally suspected a CAN bus decoder from a seller, thus I replaced the CAN bus decoder with other one. Unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue.

I also tried the reinitializing the central locking system as described in the user manual (insert key, turn to second position, immediately press and hold lock button, and release the button and turn the key to off). But, the problem is still there.

Is there anyone experienced same issue before or any advice to solve this issue? Thank you very much :)
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Problem solved on my car , i have hiworld canbus decoder upgrade
Hi bajricredzo, where can i buy that canbus decoder? And what are the canbus settings that you use?
Hi bajricredzo, where can i buy that canbus decoder? And what are the canbus settings that you use?
€ 11,93 | Hiworld PAF 1,21 Auto Kabelbaum Adapter Canbus Box Decoder Für Peugeot 301 408 307 308 308S 508 2008 3008 PAF 1,21
hi, i have this same problem, is hiworld PAF1.21 canbus solved the problem?
for the people who are having the problem with the airco unit is giving 2 degress difference between the airco unit and display this can be fixed by selecting "Type1" at the Canbus settings. Airco: Type1 (normally there is standing normal)
If you select type 1 the display is giving the same degrees as the airco unit.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts