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I have a 2012 Peugeot 308 e-HDi semi-automatic, that I've owned for around two months.

By default, each time you start the engine, 'eco mode' is enabled (there's a button you can press to turn it off manually, though it turns back on each time you start the car).

From what I can tell (from personal observations), parts of eco mode are:

  • When you come to a stop (e.g. at traffic lights), the engine temporarily turns off
  • The fans reduce their speed when you're stopped and the engine is off, until you get going again
The problem is, twice in the past two months, I've put my foot on the accelerator, ready to continue driving, and the engine did not kick back on.

A battery light appears on the dashboard.

It's embarrassing if people are behind me; I have to put my hazards on for 20 seconds until I 'reset' the car (handbrake on, neutral, keys out).

I know that sometimes, if you have the aircon on etc. the car will actually temporarily disable stop-start (presumably a battery power draw thing?)

I have an Android touchscreen radio system and a subwoofer/amplifier installed, all by a professional (not me! :D).

Both times it happened, I was listening to music (mid-volume) and had the aircon on around 3/4 out of 5).

The car has 6 months warranty on it so it's going to the dealership next week to be looked at but in the meantime, does anyone have any ideas?
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