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307cc only

Manual process / relay process .

In the bot you got two locks on the paddle arms , both of these need to be locked to stop the dreaded warning and bleeping from the dash , to make sure the two locks are locked there a pull cord you can pull to lock/unlock the side paddle locks .....

When manually locking the bot side arms you push down then foward then push down agin to lock the arms in place , sometimes you here a click if not use the pull cords and make sure the lock is locked .

Make sure the , bot screen is pulled open ,and the
Front hood locks are closed ,and the bot catch is closed ,
The bleeping will know stop......

If you got access to the roof pump , you can gently press on the pump black relay's that will open the paddle locks left and right and close the paddle locks.

307cc , 2007 , only tested and works......

Hope this helps....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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