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406 W reg Executive. Beast of a car, very few problems despite its age, but has now developed a mysterious problem or two. Any ideas?

Firstly, red stop light and other lights flickered on and off. Put oil in which stopped that, but next day on motorway noticed that temp gauge was at 70 when usually constantly at 90. Then stop light flashed on and display read engine temp too high. Pulled into services and when looked in engine could see a lot of oil sprayed on back part of engine. Got towed home by AA.

Thought it was an oil problem. Oil pipe replaced. Changed vales.Cleaned oil off. Driving around locally car going well although temperature gauge lower than usual again.

On dual carriage way after about 25 miles same thing happened again Oil sprayed out but engine not over heating. No water spurting out and heater still putting out hot air. . Next day checked oil and water. All ok but battery flat. Started with jump leads. Drove around to charge battery. Again driving locally for the next few days everything ok, except temp gauge still lower than usual.

Tried it again on dual carriage way. More or less same place stop light came on again. Waited ten minutes then everything ok. let it cool completely. On return journey temp gauge not going up at all. After 22/23 miles red stop light on again. Made it home. Engine not appearing to be overheated.Everything circulating as normal. Next car running well locally and temp gauge at times getting back to 90 where it usually is.
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