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Hi all.
I don't know whether any one can help me here. The last week or so when trying to start my partner van in the chillier mornings I've had problems getting it started. Basically as I turn the ignition on its stops and cuts out as if I haven't waited for the warming light to go out. Usually works after 2/3 attempts. So I thought this must be the heating plugs not working correctly but after a few days of starting first time today I started it and same thing happened but with a quick flash of the stop light. Stop light has only came on once so far. Just to add today a rumbling sound starting around the headlight area when dipped beam was switched on. Stopped when connection was unplugged. I seem to of solved this by adjusting the height of the headlights so don't know weather this is related.
So just before I take it to a garage I was wondering if this sounds like a typical heating plugs problem or does it sound like a start of a deeper problem. Everything else seems to run as normal, all levels fully topped up e.g oils.
I have very little knowledge in motors so any advice would be very appreciated.

Apologies if I've posted in the wrong section,
Thanks for your time, James
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